Shiny New Nissan 350Z from my past

Brand New Car Vs Used Car

  The age-old question of the lowly car buyer I have been interested to read a recent post looking at the commonly-held belief that buying a new car is a false-economy. Reasons for this are a certainty that prices for new cars drop like a stone when they leave the forecourt and are no longer Read More

Land Rover Discovery Sport

What are you looking for in a new car?

What are you looking for in a new car?   With our impending relocation back to the UK coming up I have started the process of planning some of the nitty gritty bits of setting up a household. A new start, whether that be in a new part of the country or overseas, is a Read More

December Monthly Spend

Monthly Spend December 2016

The best yet! Not a bad monthly spend for December 2016. I was expecting a bad month for the final of 2016’s roundup. Tis the season to overspend on food and gifts for your nearest and dearest after all. We were doing things a little differently this year because we spent the Christmas period on Read More

Milestone achieved - paying off the credit card

Milestone achieved – paying off the credit card

Paying off the credit card has been a long-term goal since I first started using one.  I got my first credit card after starting my first professional job so you could say I came to credit cards late in life. It has been on the financial plan since my Head Slap Moment and with this Read More

How to talk about money

How Lasagne can reduce your grocery bill by 60% 

Lasagne? Really? One of my efforts to reduce my monthly spend has been to reinstate the habit of cooking large meals on the weekend to portion up and serve during the week. This week’s family favourite was the humble lasagne. I’m lucky to be able to have the odd weekend off to have the time Read More


Monthly Spend November 2016

That’s looking better  Again this month could have gone a little awry so I was pleased with this result. We lost a week of income due to the end of the holiday mentioned last month. This figure was helped by a large rebate from the Medicare system for recent medical fees. Unfortunately our sick dog Read More


Monthly Spend October 2016

  Crash and Burn  Well I told you there were some larger expenses on the horizon! In all honesty this is a one time thing only. We went on two holidays this month; one to celebrate our anniversary and the other back to the UK to visit home and set things up for our return Read More


Monthly Spend May – September 2016

What’s the damage?   Let me give you a rundown of the past few months. Having read and re-read several online blogs on personal finance and thrown in a few recommended books on finance, economics and investment theory I decided to start analysis my current situation. I’ve already posted a summary of net worth to Read More

How to talk about money

Introducing the monthly spend confessional

It’s time to get personal    The idea of this blog is to lay bare all the financial errors / ignorance / habits that have developed over a lifetime. This is for all to see so as to demonstrate how to turn things around. With finances you really can change your spots. The change doesn’t Read More

TopCashback Dashboard Totals

How to save £1000 using cashback websites

  Have you heard of cashback websites? Neither had I until 2009 and my first thought was that cashback was some kind of scam. I was a lot more cautious back then when using the internet. I had only recently started to use online banking. The bank provided a small keypad to use to log Read More